Our extensive network of messaging can process shipments under 300 pounds (135 kg). With our regular daily services throughout Quebec, Ontario and the Maritimes, is the most effective and cheapest in the category of mail. Most points in a province are all served within 24 hours thanks to our extensive network of partners. Whether some packages or mass distribution. The Truckload or l.t.l. a specialty is still in development no matter the weight. We serve within 24 hours, the Saguenay-Lac St-Jean, Chibougamau, the North Shore as well as via our partners throughout the province of Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick. We have all the equipment needed for this service. Messagerie du Fjord addresses with unparalleled service has been very economical rate all your shipments. Following the request of several customers, a new specialty has been developed in recent years, the truckload. Now we are able to offer you the truckload, whether in 2 or 3 axles from 45 to 53 feet across the province of Quebec and Ontario. With our partners we are also able to serve also the United States.
Messagerie du Fjord recognizes that there is seldom simple solutions to complex situations. We realize that, despite the variety of our services, you may need a service out of normal parameters. In such a case, our team of professionals will develop a solution that meets your needs. We are proud to say that we are able to solve the most complex logistical problems to ensure customer satisfaction. Our Delivery Service © All rights reserved 2011 Messagerie Fjord (2312-4068 Québec inc.)   Designed by: Eric Maltais